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by Alena Severnaya
I believe in fact that there is no such thing as a perfect moment. And probably no entrepreneur will say that the moment when they started their business was super ideal. Nevertheless, the decision was made, and actions were taken.
I remember in 2013 when people told me that it was already too late to join Instagram. In 2012, when I opened my first nail studio, they said there were plenty of salons and fierce competition.
Well, it wasn’t an ideal market, so what?
When I began teaching people in my hometown, some said, ‘Why bother? Everyone goes to Moscow to learn.’ But I didn’t care. Some ‘experienced’ educators said, ‘What are you getting into? Educate yourself first, baby girl.’
When I conceived the Red Iguana product line, I didn’t have the money to turn such a project into reality.
In short, nothing is perfect. But what I did was, when I realized that I needed to ACT NOW, not LATER. Later is a synonym for never. If I had postponed everything, there would be nothing, and you wouldn’t know me.
Look at those who take action and those who postpone. Look at the results over time. Nine years ago, I moved to USA and started from scratch with no English and nobody to ask for help.
I hope you understood what I tried to say 😉 Let's talk about it!

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