Luxury 24K Cuticle Oil

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Luxury 24K Cuticle Oil
Luxury 24K Cuticle Oil

Red iguana Luxury 24K Cuticle Oil gives you healthy, strong, and beautiful nails you will be proud of for life.
Formulated with natural, vegan-friendly ingredients like Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and 24k golden flakes, this non-greasy formula helps brighten, strengthen, and revitalize nails and cuticles.
It absorbs quickly into your nails while leaving a combination of mild peach, lemon, pineapple and lavender on your hands for a long time.
A bottle of Luxury 24K Cuticle Oil not only make your nails and cuticle strong, it also beautifies your nails with the shiny golden flakes. Plus, it helps decorate your room.
Regular application of Luxury 24K Cuticle Oil conditions your nails by deeply penetrating your cuticle, making it soft. The result? Strong, flexible, and beautiful natural nail all year round.
Why You Should Consider Red Iguana Luxury 24K Cuticle Oil
• Formulated with natural ingredients
• Contains real golden flakes that brighten the nail
• Makes the nail softer, flexible, and beautiful
• Absorbs quickly without leaving an irritating oily film on the nail
• Vegan-friendly; cruelty – free
• Manufactured in the USA




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Made in USA

Luxury 24K Cuticle Oil
Luxury 24K Cuticle Oil

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