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December NAILBOX includes (available for subscription December 1st-31st):
1. Egoista Holographic Gel Polish
2. Two ProFantastik Puff Gels ( 2 random colors)
3. NCLA Beauty Holiday Nail Wraps (Random style)
4. Set of Elk Stickers ( 16 colors)
5. Flakes ( 12 colors per box)
6. Rainbow Dust Brush with crystals ( inside of brush)
7. Crystal Pixies
8. Jewelry Style Stickers
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Boxes normally ship out within 5-10 business days from the date your payment was received and tracking information is sent via email within 48-72 business hours from the ship date. Prepaid boxes are shipped out within 5-10 business days from the start date of your subscription (date of your initial purchase). You will receive your NAILBOX approximately 5-10 business days from the time it ships.

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Information about previous nailboxes
November NAILBOX included (was available for subscription November 1st-30th):
1) Egoista Builder Gel 50ml/1.75oz (random color)
2) Egoista Cat Eye (Magnetic) Gel Polish (random color)
3) 3 magnets for Egoista Cat Eye Gel Polish ( double head magnets, 5 different effects)
4) Fall Leafs Glitter
5) Golden stripes stickers
6) Reusable nail file ( metallic base with 10 disposable nail file stickers, 100/180)

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October NAILBOX included (was available for subscriprion October 1st-31st):
1) “Gellico” Flex Top Coat
2) NCLA Gelous gel polish (random color)
3) Ceramic nail bit (corn shape) M
4) Color changing glitter set ( 6 colors) 
5) Mermaid brushes set 5 pcs ( ombre brush, detail brush, 3d brush, oval brush, square brush)
6) Metallic beads set ( 5 sizes + crystals)
7)”The Painted Koi” Fall leaves decals ( 1 sheet)
$100+ worth of products for $35 only!
September NAILBOX included (was available for subscription September 1st-30):
1) Bioseaweed Gel Matching set (3Step gel polish and matching nail lacquer)
2) Gellico Foil gel (perfect foils from August NAILBOX)
3) Neon pigment powder set (12 colors)
4) Brush for neon pigments
5) Unicorn pigment
6) Fall leafs stickers
7) Flame sticker set (16 pcs)
8) Nail art studs (12 styles)
August NAILBOX included (was available for subscription August 1st-30):
1) Gel Polish by Lisa Kon (random color)
2) GemGel by Crystals for Nails
3) Swarovski mix by Crystals for Nails
4) Crystal pixies
5) Holo pigment
6) 7 styles of foil
7) Nail art crystal stand (random style and color)
8) 3d glitter/charms/studs
9) Matte top coat by ItNailz
July NAILBOX included (available for subscription July 1st-31st):
1) Exclusive Nail Couture Souffle gel 15ml random color
2) Exclusive Nail Couture Rainbow top coat
3) Exclusive Nail Couture Magic Brush no.6
4) Exclusive Nail Couture Lux Brush Wipes
5) NCLA So Rich cuticle oil
6) Latinas Nail Studio Brush no.4
7) Red Iguana nail bit no.15
June NAILBOX included (available for subscription June 1st-30th):
1) Louvain Builder 
2) Louvain Builder cover pink (random color)
3) Nail Fiber by PAMnailFiber
4) Entity Gel polish random color
5) Charms x 3
6) Golden White glitter by Lecente
7) Red Iguana Nail bit
8) Tweezer
May NAILBOX includes (was available for subscription May 1st-31st):
1) ProFantastik White Plasticine Gel for 3D
2) Gellico 3d gel
3) 3 silicone molds for 3D
4) Brush for Plasticine gel
5) Spatula for Plasticine gel
6) Gel polish (random brand and color)
7) Clear UV resin
8) Marble stickers
9) Metallic studs
10) NCLA Floral Wraps
$100+ worth of products for $35 only!
Free US shipping!


April NAILBOX included (was available for subscription April 1st-30th):
1) OPI Gel polish "She's bad mufuletta!"
2) Gel ll Gel polish (random color)
3) ColorClub Stamping plate (random pattern)
4) OPI Oxxium gel (random color or overlay gel)
5) CND Scrub Fresh or CND Nourishing Remover
6) Cheri Marble Tint (random color)
7) Skyline Beauty Pigment powder
8) Gelish Nourish cuticle oil
9) Silicone brush for pigment

March NAILBOX included (was available March 1st-31th):

Cheri Acrylic powder 0.5oz

Cheri Acrylic monomer 2oz

Kolinsky brush #8 for acrylic

Crown brush holder

Heart shape glass monomer dish

Square nail tips 500pcs

Brush on glue for tips

Hard alloy safety nail bit

Nail file 100/180


February NAILBOX included( was available February 1st-28th) :

Luxio Akzentz "Polar" Gel Polish

Luxio Akzentz "Foverer" Gel Polish

LuxaPolish Shine Top Coat

Ombre Brush

Ombre Sponge Pen

Cuticle Barrier

Red Iguana Nail bit #8

Tanto Crystal Tool and Swarovski crystals by The Crystal Ninja

$100+ worth of products for $30 only!


January NAILBOX for Professional included (was available January 1st-31st):

ENailCouture Gummy Gel

ENailCouture Shine-E top coat

1700pcs rhinestones crystal clear or AB color

24 grit box for rhinestones/ charms

Tray for rhinestones

Picker tool for rhinestones/ charms

Gellico USA Foil Gel

Kit of 8 holo foils

Gift from Bioseaweed Gel : disposable pedicure kit


December NAILBOX for home included (was available December 1st-31st) :

Portable Photo Studio:

- Mini Lightbox

- Phone Tripod

- 3 lenses for phone

The Gel Bottle Builder-in-a-Bottle (random color)

ProFantastic Wonder Gel+Rubber Gel+Top coat

Red Iguana Nail Bit #7

The Glitter Life Clear Holo glitter

Canvas Bling gel

Skyline Black Marble Tint



November NAILBOX for professionals included(was available November 1st-30th):

Egoista Pro 30ml/1oz TubeGel (one of 4 colors: classic clear, perfect skin, elegant rose, wild rose)

Egoista Pro 15ml/0.5oz Liquid for TubeGel

Double head Brush for TubeGel

100pcs/box Dual forms for acrylic/gel/TubeGel

2 clear clips for dual forms

Portable 6W UV lamp

Red Iguana Nail bit #5

Red Iguana Metallic sticker

Cre8tion Soak Off Gel

Nail File

Nail Buffer

1 jar of Holographic Flakes


October NAILBOX for professionals included (was available October 1st-31st):

2 random colors of Spider gel: black, white, silver, gold.

BioSeaweed Gel Artiste Gel
Red Iguana Nail bit #1
Whatsup Halloween stencil
Joya Mia Base+Top kit
Crystal mix
Gift: ShopKeeki decal, Cre8tion disposable pedicure kit.


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