Want to practice application techniques? Nail art? Create content for your YouTube and socials? This is the practice hand you NEED!

Every beginner and seasoned nail tech will absolutely love getting to practice on this realistic, silicone practice hand that has been tailor-made for nail lovers everywhere.

This silicone practice hand is designed to make practicing easy and efficient! The nail tips insert into the cuticle pockets and are easy to remove and create again. It’s completely flexible and 100% handmade in Los Angeles from the premium silicone. And it's a replica of our gorgeous owner and creator April Ryan's actual hands. Flex your nail art for the ‘Gram with ease thanks to this stunning silicone practice hand.

Shop this glamorous practice hand now and improve your nail technique today.

Sold as 1(one/single) Full Silicone Practice Hand (Left or Right).

Available in 2 options:

Regular - 100% silicone, fully flexible, and soft.

Poseable - Mostly silicone. Has armature inside which allows to pose fingers in the desired position.

To start using your silicone practice hand, insert the nail replacement tip in the cuticle pocket as deeply as you can. This is your base nail and your hand is now ready to use. You can practice nail art and extensions this way. Just remove the nail from the cuticle pocket and insert a new one.

We use long square tips for a more natural effect. Our Replacement Tips for Silicone Practice Hands are sold separately and are not included with the silicone hand.

If you would like to make the base nail more stable, use our Red Iguana Primer for Silicone Hand and Gorilla Glue Gel. Apply a thin layer of Red Iguana Primer for Silicone Hand onto the silicone nail bed and let it dry for 10 seconds. Insert the nail replacement tip into the cuticle pocket as deeply as you can. Apply a small amount of glue between the nail tip and silicone finger and gently press the nail to the nail bed. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Make sure to remove any glue excess from the cuticle area.

Let it dry for 5-15 minutes. After that, you can start using your hand again.

Repeat steps when applying a new set of nails.


To remove, we recommend filing off the acrylic until reaching the base nail using an e-file. DO NOT touch the silicone with the nail bit. Try not to file off the base nail (just like with a real person's nail). 

Silicone does not dissolve in acetone. If you decide to soak-off the acrylic, with enough time the nail should dissolve deep under the cuticle area. Please be gentle, you may accidentally damage the cuticle or rip off any material with part of the silicone nail bed (do not use pusher).

DO NOT RIP OFF NAILS! Ripping off the nails may permanently damage the hand.

If you wish to use your hand without filing or soaking off, we recommend using our double-sided glue tabs with full coverage nail tips.

1. All Silicone Practice Hands are pre-made and ready for shipping. All orders are processed and shipped on the same or the next business day. Orders are not processed on weekends or holidays. 

2. Order processing times may be delayed by a few days during holidays, launches, sales, or other times when we’re experiencing a high volume of orders.

3. You will receive a shipment confirmation email notification once your order has shipped (within 1-2 business days). The shipping confirmation email will contain your order tracking number. Please allow 24-48 business hours for this tracking number to become active. 

Stands and replacement tips are sold separately and not included with the silicone hand/finger.

Nail replacement tips sizes for each finger (tips sold separately):

Full Hands tips info:

Pinky - #8 or letter P

Ring - #4 or letter R

Middle - #4 or letter M

Pointer - #5 or letter I (these tips also work for the middle finger) 

Thumb - #0 or letter T

DO NOT RIP OFF NAILS! Ripping off the nails may permanently damage the hand.

If you wish to use your hand without filing or soaking off, we recommend using our double-sided glue tabs with full coverage nail tips.

DO NOT BEND FINGERS IN UNNATURAL POSITIONS! The metal wiring inside may break and permanently damage the hand.

DO NOT BEND FINGERTIPS IN UNNATURAL POSITIONS! The silicone at the fingertips is very thin and the armature may poke through permanently damaging the silicone hand.

Treat fingers as you would treat a real client's hand.

Any returns made with the damages stated above will not be honored.

Please note that each hand is hand-made so there could be a slight difference from our pictures: slightly different skin color, small bubbles, bumps, or lines.

Please note that hands are very similar to real hands which is ideal for mastering your skills. They have thin cuticles and sides. DO NOT cut them! They hold the nails in the cuticle pockets.

Our hands are ready to use and perfect for newbies, schools that need models (no more "model no show" problems), and for technicians who want to play with materials in their free time.

Rings and bracelets are complimentary and are not included in the hand's pricing! They are a gift from us to you. They are included with every hand order, as long as we have them in stock.

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