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Acrygel (all colors)

Builder Gels (Crystal Clear, Medium Pink, Beige, Natural Pink, Nude, Light Pink, Cover Pink, Neutral Pink, Cover Pink Light)

Strong Tip Builder Gel

Gel Polish (all colors)

Base&Build (all colors)

Base Coat Soak-Off (for gel polish)

Top Coat Non-Wipe (Clear and Milky Pink)

Top Coat Soak-Off (for gel polish)

Top Coat with Tacky Layer

Top Coat Matte

Bridal Pearls French Gel

White Smile French Gel



UV Primer

Acid Primer

Stamping Gel (all colors)


Sealing GemGel

3D Crystal Gel

Liquid Chrome

Blooming Gel

Foil Transfer Gel

Greek Goddess Gel (all colors)

Spider Gel (Black and White)

Nail Tip Glue

Sugar Glitter (all colors)