Want to create beautiful 3D flowers and bows?

This 3D silicone mold is the perfect nail art tool to created 3D designs quick and easy! Give your clients the 3D designs they are going to love on their next set! 


1. Fill in the desired mold with a mixture of gel polish and a no wipe top coat (colors are up to you, and more than one color can be mixed as well)

2. Make sure mold is filled all the way and neatly. Then cure under a lamp for : 1 min LED or 2 min UV

3. Carefully pop out your cured mold from the mold frame.

4. Use Red Iguana Gem Gel and Sealing Gem Gel to attach your beautiful 3D mold to your nail foundation. Make sure the surface is buffed and free of lint or debris.

5. Top your nail and the area around the 3D mold with your favorite top coat (matte or shiny).

6. Admire the beautiful mold on your nail set! 

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