3.0 Practice Hand Video Tutorials

Our NEW 3.0 Realistic Silicone Practice Hands are here! This video shows you how to work with the new hands so you can begin practicing new nail techniques and display your beautiful nail creations.

Want to know the difference between our Regular and Posable hand options? This video showcases the differences between the two. Posable options are only available for the FULL HAND and HALF HAND

Our hands are 100% Premium Silicone, but this does not mean they are indestructible. Please make sure to handle them with care and love. Just as you would a real client. This video shows you what NOT to do with your practice hand to increase the longevity of your product.

 Practice Hand getting a little dusty from filing and practice? Here os a quick video on how to clean your Red Iguana Practice Hands- all you need is mild soap, a soft brush and water.

Removing nails from your practice hand without soaking off is as easy as 1-2-3! This video shows you a few options on how to remove tips and insert to start practicing again!

Want a more secure nail for practicing acrylic or builder gel application? You do have the option to glue your nail tips to your practice hand. Please not: that this will require a careful removal and soak off. Directions and tutorial video on how to remove are available.

IF YOU CHOOSE THE OPTIONAL METHOD OF GLUING YOUR NAIL TIPS- this video shows you the proper way to remove and soak off the nails! Please not that any damage from soaking off voids any kind of replacement for your practice hands. Please take care of your hands- these are an investment and should be treated carefully and respectfully!