Get all 3 Acrylic Brush Sizes as a bundle. Different sizes for different clients and methods!

Introducing the perfect tool for creating a flawless acrylic foundation! Let's talk about these amazing brushes shall we:

Key Brush Features:

  • Beautiful Acetone Resistant gold handle with brush cap
  • Rose Design Cap Engraving
  • 100% Kolinsky
  • This bundle set comes with all 3 brush sizes: 8,10,12
  • Each individual brush comes with a beautiful storage box

Acrylic Brush Care:

  • Use with only Acrylic and EMA Monomer Liquid - Illegal MMA liquid may cause damage to the brush and/or handle when used.
  • Break in brush with monomer liquid and dry and reshape against a clean paper towel
  • Make sure to wipe frequently during application to prevent cured acrylic from setting into the bristles
  • Clean brush with monomer and dry/reshape with a clean paper towel
  • Store in a downward position with the cap on to prevent damage and remaining monomer flowing back into the brush

**Intended for use with Red Iguana Acrylic System. No returns or exchanges can be made if the brush has been used. 

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Order processing times may be delayed by a few days during holidays, launches, sales, or other times when we’re experiencing a high volume of orders.

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