Refurbished & Defective Silicone Practice Hands

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    Want to own a Red Iguana practice hand for a great deal?

    Check out our options for refurbished practice hands! These hands are great options for the beginner nail tech or those who would like a cheaper way to build your practice hand collection.

    The hand types available:

    *Refurbished: Hands with silicone tears or rips have been repaired using Sil-poxy adhesive

    *Defective: Hands that have a defective armature within silicone 

    *Cosmetic Damage: Hands with silicone discoloration or visible flock (fibers) in silicone hand- peeling or bad application from hand painting (3.0 versions)

    Choose the number of the hand option your interested in and check the description for more details for that refurbished hand. Clicking the hand option, will showcase the option's photo.

    Your refurbished practice hand will still come in a Red Iguana storage box with the associated jewelry. Giving the perfect Red Iguana luxury touch!

    **These practice hands are sold as is. Since these are refurbished hand options, ALL HANDS AND FINGERS ARE FINAL SALE.

    No Returns or Exchanges will be accepted for refurbished practice hand orders.

    2 products