April Ryan "Red Iguana"'s favorite nail bits


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April's favorite nail bits kit include:

1. Diamond Nail Bit "Drop #1" - 1.8mm

Used for:
-Cuticle removal during manicure or pedicure.
-Coarse abrasive
-Diameter 1.8mm
-Shank Size 3/32"

2.Diamond Nail Bit "Flame #5" - 2.5mm

Used for:

- Nail tip filing

- Dead skin removal

- Hard Gel and Acrylic nails Touch up

- Small callus removal

- Diameter 2.5mm

- Shank Size 3/32"

3. Diamond Nail Bit "Ball #10" - 5mm (Small Grain)

Used for: 
-Cuticle and skin cracks removal during manicure or pedicure. 
-Coarse abrasive (Small Grain) 
-Diameter 5mm 
-Shank Size 3/32" 

4. Corundum Pink Nail Bit "Ball #11" - 5.3mm

Used for:
-Skin buffing after Russian Manicure
-Diameter 5.3mm

-Shank Size 3/32" 

5. Corn Shaped Nail Bit #15 - Hard Alloy

Used for: 

- Removal of excesses of hard gel and acrylic in the cuticle area

- Smoothen the transition from natural nail to artificial material in the cuticle area 

- Hard Alloy

-Shank Size 3/32"

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Made in Russia


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