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Set of All 13 Red Iguana Brushes! 

1. Nail art detail brush 00. Short tiny nail brush for very small details and lines

2. Nail art detail brush 0. Tiny nail brush for small details and lines

3. Nail art detail brush 1. Nail brush for small/medium details and lines. Perfect for floral art.

4. Nail art detail brush 2. Nail brush for medium/big details and lines. Perfect for floral art

5. Nail art Oval brush. Nail brush for medium/big details. Perfect for floral art and Zhostovo.

6. Nail art Liner brush. Long brush for perfect lines

7. Angled nail art brush. Nail brush for painted French manicure and One-Stroke

8. Ombre brush. Nail brush for Gel Ombre

9. Cat's Tongue 3D brush. Nail brush for Acrylic and Gel 3D designs

10. Double silicone brush. Silicone Brush for Acrylic 3D and Plasticine Gel. Double sided with 2 different heads

11. Builder gel brush S6. Short Nail brush for work with builder gel. 6mm wide

12. Builder gel brush L6. Long Nail brush for work with builder gel. 6mm wide

13. Bulder gel brush L4. Long Nail brush for work with builder gel. 4mm wide


Made in Germany

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